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As a roleplay group it helps for us to have a growing list of roleplay groups to display. If your group is involved with roleplay do not hesitate to add us to your affiliates.

Rules and Submission Policy

:la:1- Follow the terms of service for

:la:2- People shall NOT be harassed or made fun of for their level of literacy. Though support goes fully to literacy. Teasing or bothering another person for their level of literacy is not a productive manner of getting them to progress.

:la:3- Visual Art can only be submit in two forms.
A- Character art
B- a scene or a comic page/strip from an RP

:la:4- If you bother fellow members in excess you'll be banned from the club.

:la:5- Art that is submit to the club should be of a decent quality, meaning sketches on lined paper will not be accepted.... This does not mean people of a lower skill level will be denied, we just want quality.

:la:6- Pay attention to blogs and updates to the club. Being up-to-date is wise.

:la:7- Art thievery will NOT be tolerated. You are allowed to submit your characters in text form or by making your own illustration. You are not allowed to post images from googleimages, photobucket, copyrighted series' or submit recolored screenshots. If your character is a fancharacter for a series you will be expected to draw the character from scratch.

Submissions will follow the rules above or they shall not be submit to the club.

:iconlachoirplz:Applications are now optional (application link) (text version of Application)



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surisse-silberstein Featured By Owner Edited 27 minutes ago  Hobbyist Writer

A Modern Fantasy Yaoi Roleplay Group

About the Group

Card-Sharp runs its general operations on Proboards and has a board for introductions, character profiles and art. Both the roleplay and chat are hosted over Skype.

About the Members

Card-Sharp is a group for roleplayers who like well-written respones and a chill environment. We are a literate group who puts real thought into their replies and makes it an overall fun experience. We prefer having a small bunch of friends who get to know each other outside our characters, and contribute to the group as a whole over having a large group of endless members who rarely interact and are barely active.

About the Rules

Our rules consist of very basic roleplaying rules that you should already know. We aren't a very strict group, but will come down hard if we have to.

How to Join

You will first need to add me on Skype at Ashtainw and I'll gladly open the doors to everything you need.
IxisNyx Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
My friend :icontheubbergeek2: showed me this place.

I'm looking for someone to rp with.fantasy setting for preference, but I'm also game for wrestling.

I'm 21 and looking for a partner of at least 21 or older to rp with. I'd like to play with other adults. 

I'm open to nearly anything that doesn't involve some abnormal fetish like inflation and suchlike. :shrug:
Tj-the-deviant Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
Anyone here final fantasy fans?
barbat0 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist
I'm glad I stumbled upon this group. I'm looking for a female writing partner, no text talk, no one liners. I prefer using Yahoo or Skype, but if through notes here it is fine. I can be available a fair amount of time, but I don't expect immediate responses. I just ask you don't take 3-4 days to reply.

-very large pregnancies
-weight gain
-permanent pregnant figures

-rape/force of any kind (no exceptions)
-anything meant to be done in a bathroom (again, no exceptions)

Outside of that, I'm open. Please have some wants of your own. Gets boring when everything is done on my wants or ideas

Feel free to comment or send me a note

betsiwashere Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  New Deviant
Hi Roleplayers. 

PLEASE continue to find partners and RP-Friends, write stories and have fun on this #awesome group.

If you find some time you maybe can take a look at my new 'RP World' at…
JoJo419 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hello. I'm looking to do a horror roleplay and I have a few ideas for a plot. I'm ok with romance( whether GxG, MxG, or MxM) and am willing to discuss in notes further. The one thing I'm not ok with for romance wise is smut. So nothing 18+, but other than that I'm pretty ok with anything else. Please do note me if you are interested. :)
SilentObserverIsHere Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*little wave*

Hiii ^u^ I'm Silent, and I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner c:
I'm quite adjustable :3

Buuuttt... I have;

Please do not control my characters

Please do not godmod/powerplay

Please no gary/mary sues

Not my favorite/not good at:
Furries/Anthros (I love furries, but roleplaying as them... I'm not so sure >^<)

*If Yaoi* I'm not really that good at seme e.e ... But. I guess I could roleplay as it *shrug*

Some fandoms (It depends on what ones. Not that I dislike them, but I may not understand the fandom)

I am better at roleplaying boy x boy, but I am just as good with boy x girl (if I am the girl, but I can try to play as the boy)

Favorite/suggestions/open to:
I'm open to anything else really c:

I prefer humanoid roleplays.

I have never tried yuri, soo... Yeah.


I'm okay with 18+ roleplays, if you want

Zeb, Male, 17 1/2, Bi, Shy/quiet/sweet/submissive (open to boy x boy, I can try boy x girl)

Garth, Male, 18, Bi, sometimes flirty/can be rude (open to boy x boy, I can try boy x girl)

Benjamin, Female, 17, Pan, quiet/can be bubbly/tends to be submissive, but sometimes she is dominant (open to boy x girl *or* yuri *please note I have never tried yuri*)

(I have more)

Note me if interested and we can work something out c:
puccapieoxox Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Student Writer
I'm looking for Rp partner(s)!!

I will only rp via notes.
Paragraph form preferably.
18+ RP and lots if smut preferably.
Must respond at least a few times out of the week or like once a day.
Yaoi only.

No super strange fetishes
No super gore-y scenes
No rape scenes

My character changes personality and such depending on the RP but this I'd his default personality and looks.

Name: Nicholi
Type: Uke or Seme. Whichever.
Age: 19, Human.
Hair: Curly brown hair
Eyes: Hazel
Body Type: A slender, yet toned athletic male.
Personality: Nicholi is generally a sweet, clever gentlemen, though he does have a bit of a temper and gets easily annoyed. He's open with his feelings and isn't afraid to let anyone know his thoughts. Most of the time, he wears his heart on his sleeve and if he isn't smiling, he's pouting or angry. He's a social butterfly and tries to get along with most. He loves to entertain and amuse his friends and family the best he can. He can get very possessive and isn't afraid to retaliate once he feels threatened in anyway. Nicholi is a trustworthy cutie. If anyone can keep a secret or keep a friendship/relationship going, its him.

Note me if interested!
HappyJBH Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015
Hey, I'm new to rp but I consider myself a good and descriptive writer(most of the time). I was wondering if anybody would be interested in weight gain rp. If you are I use kik: HappyJBH
Trace0 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Yo! I'm looking for either some kind of Modern Fantasy (Think the World of Darkness tabletop game series, or the Supernatural TV show), post-apocalyptic, or futuristic cyberpunk-fantasy RP (Shadowrun tabletop is a good example).

Anyone interested in somethin' like that?

Feel free to note me.
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