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As a roleplay group it helps for us to have a growing list of roleplay groups to display. If your group is involved with roleplay do not hesitate to add us to your affiliates.

Rules and Submission Policy

:la:1- Follow the terms of service for

:la:2- People shall NOT be harassed or made fun of for their level of literacy. Though support goes fully to literacy. Teasing or bothering another person for their level of literacy is not a productive manner of getting them to progress.

:la:3- Visual Art can only be submit in two forms.
A- Character art
B- a scene or a comic page/strip from an RP

:la:4- If you bother fellow members in excess you'll be banned from the club.

:la:5- Art that is submit to the club should be of a decent quality, meaning sketches on lined paper will not be accepted.... This does not mean people of a lower skill level will be denied, we just want quality.

:la:6- Pay attention to blogs and updates to the club. Being up-to-date is wise.

:la:7- Art thievery will NOT be tolerated. You are allowed to submit your characters in text form or by making your own illustration. You are not allowed to post images from googleimages, photobucket, copyrighted series' or submit recolored screenshots. If your character is a fancharacter for a series you will be expected to draw the character from scratch.

Submissions will follow the rules above or they shall not be submit to the club.

:iconlachoirplz:Applications are now optional (application link) (text version of Application)



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DbzafMikey Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How to train your dragon fc/ oc rp

Romance/action rp

Mature 18+ only

Im working on my fc as im typing!

Note me if your interested!
AceandJet Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
RP partner?
I rp games I play and shows I watch
Codename kids next door
Powerpuff girls
Teen titans go
How to train your dragon
Lego ninjago
A lot of other stuff I cant remember right now.if any of these seems interesting note me!^^
xXDividedMemoriesXx Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm looking for some RP partners! Anyone interested? <:

Since when did you need fricking Core to properly post a thumb...? Unless dA is glitching
Miskamaskedone Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Any one interested in joining me in some Post apocalyptic RP on a website i inhabit.

The world is 30 years after the Apocalypse and society has returned to the medieval ages. 
Its a rather busy website with at times up to 10 rp'rs on at once. feel free to come and join us :)
GroovyDrewy Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
Is anyone interested in a Sons of Anarchy roleplay? My love interest would be Jax Teller. Contact me at 

I hope to hear from you soon! :)
TisseDbulles2 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015

Looking for a longterm rp partner for this fandoms:

- AOT / Shingeki no Kyojin
- Tokyo ghoul
- Zelda
- Final Fantasy 7 (the others game is fine)
- Pokemon
- Tales of
- Devil my cry
- Metal gear solid
- Harry Potter
- Walking Dead (serie)

I'm ok with Oc x Oc. But I prefer canon x oc.

I can play the crush of your Oc if you do the same for me in return.

Give me a note
YuYuAmie Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone wanna do a Naruto OC/Cannon roleplay? 
I would like you to be Kankuro and Gaara for me so I can rp my OCs Ayame and Sara with them.
Or if you can play Jiraiya instead I have him with my OC Nayuko. ;)

In return I will play any character you need me to be and I'm okay with all pairings, yuri, 18+, please ask about yaoi though. Oc/Cannon, Oc/Oc, Cannon/Cannon is fine :la: Im really flexible. As long as I get one of my oc/cannon pairs I'm happy :3

If you want more details please note me.
GrimTrickster009 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

((Posting this for a friend))


    I can never come up with good starters for these, so I am just going to start like this: I am a mature female and  I need something to do on the side of my school life. School has been eating away at my poor little blonde brain and I can’t seem to get rid of the anxiety ever since I stopped writing. I am humorous through sarcasm and dumb jokes, find the positive side to everything even though there is an obvious negative, and I try my best to get back to people and make them happy. I will admit, due to my perfectionism on having to have everything perfect to me or just closest to perfect as possible, I tend to be more on the slow side to responding. It can range from responses taking only an hour or two to send to talking about a week or month to send. It really just depends on my mood, if there are any new addicting games out -cough- Ark Survival -cough-, or if school has been riding my ass.

Promise to respond as soon as I can though, just don’t push me, I get enough of that from my parents and childhood friend.

    I play females mostly, and at times will play a male if a yaoi roleplay is involved (as long as the person on the other side plays as the fem-male (or whatever you call them.)) To be honest though, I prefer straight roleplays. I will talk more about how far I am willing to go with character pairings down below in the rules. A warning however, I am a pretty nasty person and I am even ashamed of some of the things I love. Please, if you don’t agree with me on things don’t start a fight, it isn’t required, and we can work around it if you still want to roleplay. I will respect your boundaries as long as you respect mine.

I respond with about a 1-3 paragraph long reply, not much else to say about that other than I might mess a few things up here and there just because I am a human being. I like feedback though (FRIENDLY FEEDBACK) since it helps me learn and fix mistakes. Whats the point of getting mad over messing something up when you can just learn to fix it? We all started out that way anyways… :) I am one of the rare few that accept one liners, I roleplay 4 one liners with a friend of mine and those are still able to make me cry and feel emotions. Just no text talk and no responding with one word. Its like saying ‘K’ to an essay written for you.

Not cool brah.

Finally, I like ooc conversations, It helps me get to know you and honestly I think it can make things less awkward. Like smut scenes, dear god those can be so awkward if you don’t get to know your buddy, especially if they prefer to do it in a certain way… Be open though! I am not one to judge and I am a total perv! I love talking about kinks with people cause honestly if you do it in person, you never know what reactions you can get. I get so happy when I can comfortably talk to someone about weird things.


Responses→ Just in case you don’t like reading and didn’t see what I said above, one liners are fine, and so are 6+ paragraphs. I can typically respond the same length as you do but would prefer something less than 3 paragraphs just because it helps move things along quicker.

OCs→ I love OCs! Just don’t make them boring, give them character and make them realistic or just fun and not annoying. Mary sues are fun to be completely honest, but they can also get annoying so just watch how you make them. Always give them a couple weaknesses.

Themes→ Horror, romance, comedy, action… I do them all. The three I love though are sci-fi, romance, and fiction. I love making my own aliens and creatures… Like Mass Effect gave me so many ideas...

OOC→ I like setting up a group thingy to roleplay in so we can ooc talk on the side. Like on facebook I can make group chats for just us, for gmail we can use the chat to talk and the email to send our roleplay responses, and for… Whatever else… I can figure that out. I prefer gmail though cause I am on that more.

Smut→ I don’t have a lot a boundaries, I just really… Really… don’t like toilet play. Its not attractive to me and it makes me sick just thinking about it. 2 girls 1 cup scarred me for life... I prefer to talk more about kinks one on one. The scenes containing sex need to of course have something leading up to it or a story. Fucking on the first date is fine, as long as the whole roleplay isn’t about sex and you end it there.

Pairings/Sexualities→ I am fine with human x anything or anything x anything. As long as there is a way they can understand each other. The two I usually do with pairings is Male x Female or at rare times Male x Male. ((Closest I will get to female x female is Trap x Fem.))

RMRY(Respect Me, I Respect You)→ I am a pretty open minded person, with that, a lot of my opinions… People really don’t like or think I am sick for. I will not list them out in public, but when you email me I will tell you as we set things up so I know if it's okay or if it's not okay. Just please, don’t call me a monster or a sicko. Just because I like it, doesn’t mean I will do it myself. (like gore)

Grammar→ I don’t care if you mess up or how long your responses are, I just care if you are trying! Roleplays are meant to be fun, they aren’t meant to make you freak out over small errors or how long a response is supposed to be! So even if I write longer things than you do or shorter, dont freak out and do what you are comfortable with. :)

Short Term/Long Term→ I am fine with whatever, I would prefer long term, but hey. Things can happen.

Gore→ I don’t have an issue with gore, the more detail you put in the more vivid an image pops up in my head, and since gore really doesn’t affect me, go ahead and do what you must.

Fandom Pairings→ I often don’t do pairings from the show unless it's on the side. I prefer oc x canon character. If you play a character I personally like, it doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you are trying. Double roleplay responses I will also do, but I won’t lie… I am slower with those than I am when playing an OC.

Original Pairings→ This one is pretty simple: Discuss with me on what you have in mind for a character/what you are looking for. We always talk before we start a roleplay anyways, so nothing to worry about.

Contact me via→ Email; me if you prefer something else and really wanna roleplay.

Fandoms I Currently Want to Roleplay:


- How to Train Your Dragon (oc pairing)

- The Batman 2004 (Oc x canon pairings)

- TMNT (Oc x canon pairings)
- Transformers Prime (Oc x canon pairings(Preferably human x robot))

- The Lion King (Oc pairings)

- MLP (Oc pairings)

- Young Justice (Oc x canon pairings)

- Invader Zim (Oc x canon pairings or Oc pairing)

- Samurai Jack (Oc x canon pairings(Great story idea))

- Danny Phantom (Oc x canon pairing)

- American Dragon (Oc x canon pairing)

- The Walking Dead (Oc x canon pairing or oc pairing)

- Clarence (Oc x canon pairing)


- Transformers (Oc x canon pairings(Preferably human x robot))

- Hellboy (Oc x canon pairings)

- The Dark Knight (Oc x Canon pairings)

- Jurassic Park (Oc pairing)

- Avengers (Oc x canon pairings)


-Black Butler(Oc x canon pairings)

-Inuyasha(Oc x canon pairings or Oc pairing)
-OHSHC(Oc x canon pairings)

- Mass Effect (Oc pairing/Oc x canon pairings)
- ARK Survival Evolved (Oc pairings)
- Destiny (Oc pairings)

- Dragon Age (Oc pairings or Oc x canon pairings)

- Corruption of Champions (Oc pairing)
- Pokemon (Oc pairings (PokemonxPokemon or HumanxPokemon))

- Legend of Zelda (Oc pairings)

- Borderlands 2 (Oc pairing)

- GTA V (Oc x canon pairing or maybe Oc pairing)

- TERA (Oc pairing)

- Minecraft (Oc pairings (MonsterxHuman))


-Furry Fandom (Oc pairings)

-Creepypasta (Oc x canon pairings(no changing the characters to fuckboys!!))

-Youtubers (Oc x … Youtuber… xD)

-Scaly(?) Fandom (Oc pairings)
-Awoken Series (Oc pairing or oc x canon pairings)

-Tigers Curse (Oc pairing or oc x canon pairing)

-Vocaloid (Oc pairing or oc x canon pairing)

Original Pairing/Theme Ideas



-MonsterxHuman(Like nagas and such)



-An...Talking AnimalxHuman

-RomeoxJuliet(Large age gap(sometimes very large))




-Little kid x little kid









-TrapxFemBestFriend(She had no clue)















I am open to any suggestions!

Again, don’t like something on here, please continue and don’t email me just to complain on how you will report me or call me a terrible person. I haven’t done anything illegal so it would be a waste of time (From personal experience). Email is down below.


>>>Dont you hate when you think you forget something and dont know what it is till its too late? I feel like that might happen to me soon with this… :P<<<

i-love-danxian Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
I'm looking for someone to RP with too! :v
I'm game for OC ideas.
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