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As a roleplay group it helps for us to have a growing list of roleplay groups to display. If your group is involved with roleplay do not hesitate to add us to your affiliates.

Rules and Submission Policy

:la:1- Follow the terms of service for

:la:2- People shall NOT be harassed or made fun of for their level of literacy. Though support goes fully to literacy. Teasing or bothering another person for their level of literacy is not a productive manner of getting them to progress.

:la:3- Visual Art can only be submit in two forms.
A- Character art
B- a scene or a comic page/strip from an RP

:la:4- If you bother fellow members in excess you'll be banned from the club.

:la:5- Art that is submit to the club should be of a decent quality, meaning sketches on lined paper will not be accepted.... This does not mean people of a lower skill level will be denied, we just want quality.

:la:6- Pay attention to blogs and updates to the club. Being up-to-date is wise.

:la:7- Art thievery will NOT be tolerated. You are allowed to submit your characters in text form or by making your own illustration. You are not allowed to post images from googleimages, photobucket, copyrighted series' or submit recolored screenshots. If your character is a fancharacter for a series you will be expected to draw the character from scratch.

Submissions will follow the rules above or they shall not be submit to the club.

:iconlachoirplz:Applications are now optional (application link) (text version of Application)



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DbzafMikey Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would anyone like to do a one piece rp with me?

Oc/fcs only(but metioning the cast is okay

Must be okay with mature 18+

I would like for this to be long term(plase dont just leave me hanging let me know if you are done!)

Para or script(if paragraph letme know how muh you like to recieve back!)

Please note me if you are interested!
Emerarudo-chan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. Would anyone be interested in doing a literate, 18+ roleplay for the following fandoms:

G.I. Joe
Jurassic World
Mad Max: Fury Road
TMNT 2012

I am looking to use a mix of canons and OCs.
TheVampireGhost Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015
Looking for anyone interested in doing TMNT (either 4 kids or Nick series) rpg(s).
Preferred genres: horror, gore, comedy, random.
Rating: Between PG-13 and/or NC-17.
OCs: Hell yeah. I got an OC that I wanna play as, so if you got one too that is fine by me. ^-^
Canon I could play if I have to: Mikey, Raph, April, Casey, or hench mutants (If needed/wanted)
Canon I can't play (not cause I don't like them, but I'm not really good at playing as them. I love Donnie.) : Don, Leo, karai, Shredder, or Splinter.
Rules: No cross overs.
Posts at a decent length, so no one liners.
If you wanna do Smut onexone it might have to be in private.
Let's have fun, okay? ;)
KiraiMirai Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looking for a long-term Final Fantasy VII series rp.

I am looking for someone who has an OC to use and experience with RP'ing as Cloud Strife.

For rules and timeline options you can go here: Final Fantasy 7 RP Request
Mikki808 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Hobbyist
Hello!! 18/F/ Uni student currently searching for anime roleplay partners. Death Note, Bleach, Naruto AUs mainly but I'm very open to others as well!

I would love to find some new partners, so if you have interest in talking more or seeing my characters, please email me at kuro_angel for further discussion.

I hope to hear from you soon!

A/N: No text talk or one-liners for me. I do write smut and use crude language unless asked not to. I have roleplayed for a long time so I'm very versed in staying in-character and respecting my partner's rules :)
GunnerChi Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Yaoi Rp Request: 
Hello, I'm Gunner Chi! 

I'll make my idea pitch short and simple. Two guys (Uke me and Seme you) are friends with a guy, though they don't know with each other. Their friend gets murdered after a big party their college campus, which they both miss. Both confused and shocked by the killing, they soon meet and feel something has gone wrong with the death ruling; which was ruled a self killing . They both search for who did it and soon get catch up in their feelings for each other. Will they find the killer and will they get together?

Lookin for: 
- Paragraph form
- Active Rper
- Original Characters only { sorry no cannon or fan characters. } 
- Notes Only 
- Must message at the least once a day or give noticed before hand you'll not be on.
- Must be a seme

I have a few rps already, but I'll rp just for this idea alone. So if you want to rp, send me a note, because I'll likely see that faster than a comment. Hope to rp with you!
iwontbeafraid Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  New Deviant
Name: Alannah.
Age: 21 (and would only want partners 18+)
Gender: Female (prefers a female partner as well)

What genre's I'm looking for: Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Post Apocalyptic. 

Fandoms I RP: I am looking for Dexter, The Walking Dead, Sense8, Shameless US, BBC Sherlock, NBC Hannibal, The Knick and maybe Game of Thrones. 

What I'm looking for in a partner and in writing: I would like my partner to be close to my timezone as it's hard to meet up otherwise and until college in September I spend most of my time online. So availability too. Someone forthcoming, loyal, passionate and interested in what both of us have to offer to the game. I hate talking plots with a person who acts uninterested. It makes me nervous. Please try to be eager, or at the very least to talk with me and offer me something in response to my ideas. Writing wise, anything over a paragraph. NO ONE LINERS. I play canon X oc a lot. I have a lot of AU ideas. And I only play females, so you'd be the male to my female. 

Mediums I use: Skype, Google Hangouts, Google email, and Outlook email. PM me for those, please. 

Other notes: I have no limits except illegally underage couplings. So all characters must be 18+. And please don't answer my ad unless you're interested and don't plan on backing out on me. I've had that a lot on this site, or someone will just send me one-liners which I cannot stand. Also if you're uninterested in the fandom's mentioned for roleplaying then, there's really no point in us hooking up and talking. Otherwise, I'm friendly and receptive to all input for plots. Hope to hear from you!
AlexTheSuperOwl Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Student General Artist
I just found this and I would like to have a tickling RP with a girl, she will be the tickled
IxisNyx Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
My friend :icontheubbergeek2: showed me this place.

I'm looking for someone to rp with.fantasy setting for preference, but I'm also game for wrestling.

I'm 21 and looking for a partner of at least 21 or older to rp with. I'd like to play with other adults. 

I'm open to nearly anything that doesn't involve some abnormal fetish like inflation and suchlike. :shrug:
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